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Fundraising with Candy Fundraisers

If you are looking for candy for your next fundraiser, you have come to the right place! Here's where to look.

1. Quickest source of information: Fill out our information request form to have information sent to you. Some of it will arrive in your email almost immediately. Other parts will arrive in the postal mail. Either way, you will receive candy fundraising ideas and information very quickly.

2. Choose a category from the left to browse various candy fundraisers available to you.

3. Take a look below and see which type of candy fundraiser might interest you.

Chocolate Fundraisers

Chocolate sells!! Many groups have very successful chocolate fundraisers with profits in the $1,000's. (With one particular fundraising provider, a large group of 500 or more with each selling just 10 items could make $18,000.) In most cases, you can make up to 60%, companies offer a large selection of products, and have the convenience of ordering online at economical prices. Some companies offer prizes and incentives as well.

Chocolate Roses

This is the perfect valentine fundraiser or mother's day fundraiser -- beautiful, delicious, long stem solid chocolate roses. Most companies offer multiple colors and provide them beautifully and individually wrapped and tied. Many groups sell them as candy-grams. (You might also consider a wooden roses fundraiser as a wonderfully romantic valentine fundraiser as well.)

Hershey Fundraiser

There are several different kinds of Hershey fundraisers, so check out these companies who can help you with hershey fundraising. There are three Hershey candy packs: Hershey Max and Hershey Chocolate Town offer $1.50 candy while they also offer a new $2.00 candy variety pack. Most groups are familiar with Max and Chocolate Town. The new variety pack offers much larger bars, the biggest brands and the biggest profits. They are easy to sell and can help you make bigger profits on every sale.

Lollipop Fundraisers

Did you realize that there are lots of lollipop varieties to choose from for your fundraiser? Most of the fundraising companies here offer multiple brands including LollipopLand, McJak, Oversized, Shockwave, Sport Pops, Sugar free Dyna pops or even customized lollipops with your logo on the wrapper! You'll find them in all sorts of shapes: large and round, lips, footballs, basketballs (and other sports-related shapes), roses, hearts, awareness ribbons, holiday-shaped (such as pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.) as well as dozens of other shapes. Most companies offer up to 55% profit. You should look here to find the right company for you!

M&M Fundraisers

Mars M&M fundraisers are one of those profitable, pervasive fundraising products that everyone loves -- so it is usually very profitable. There are two types of M&M fundrasers. Some fundraising companies offer a pre-order brochure fundraiser in which M&M's (or other similar candy) are offered with other related products as well. Other companies provide the Mars M&M's Variety Case that you purchase and sell. In both cases, profits range up to 60%.

Nestle Fundraising

Much like Hershey, Nestle offers fundraising packs to sell their Crunch, Butterfinger, 100Grand and Baby Ruth candy bars. It's not as easy to find companies that offer Nestle fundraisers, so we include information from companies who have Nestle products as well the same type of product though it might not be directly from Nestle.

Specialty / Gourmet Candy

Gourmet candy bars and other specialty candy make excellent fundraisers for for Youth Sports, Church Youth Groups, Sports Teams, Churches, Cheerleaders, Schools, Bands and Soccer Teams, Clubs and Associations. Many people only think of the gourmet candy bars. However, gourmet fundraising candy includes caramel popcorn, candy fruit slices, chocolate covered nuts, trail mix, gummy bears, malted milk balls, sour worms, and more. This is where to look to find all these yummy treats!

Variety Packs

Hershey and Nestle offer fundraising variety packs. Did you know that there are many others that have them as well? Most of the time, you will find them as pre-order brochure fundraisers. Look here to learn more from companies that offer various variety packs.